A massive free pack of beautifully rendered 3D shapes

10,000+ high resolution PNG images in one big ass free bundle


3D Letters, Numbers, and Symbols

58 Detailed Shapes

Shapefest models aren't just high-res images of low quality objects — they are extremely smooth, high polygon models with edges that accurately represent physical objects.

11 Colors

I've included 11 matte plastic colors for each and every shape.
You can grab the color nearest to what you need and tweak it to perfection.

16 Angles

Every shape in every color is included from 16 different angles for maximum flexibility.

Transparent PNGs for any background
(black looks especially badass on a black background)

Plus every image is super high resolution

Almost Too Good to be True

If you're looking for some creative inspiration, I use these in my design tutorials on YouTube

Shapefest | A massive free pack of beautifully rendered 3D shapes

Expansion Packs

Additional packs of photorealistic models rendered using HD textures and materials.

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Frequent Asked Questions

Can I change the colors?

Of course! You can use any raster image editing application to change the colors. I highly recommend starting with the nearest base color (i.e. Red or Violet to create your own Pink instead of starting with Green). Many design and layout applications will allow you to adjust hue, saturation, brightness, and contrast without the help of an external image editor. 

Why do the images seem dark and dingy?

They are deliberately underexposed to ensure that none of the tonal range gets clipped. You can make edits to punch things up without fear of blown out highlights, crushed shadows, or clipped RGB channels. Unless you go too far. But that’s on you.

Can I use these for presentations?

10000%. These graphics are a beautiful addition to any Keynote, PowerPoint, or Google Slides presentation.

Can I buy everything in one giant bundle?

These bundles are currently only available individually because the zip files are huge (average 5gb per pack).

Can I use these for commercial projects?

Yep! Every image from Shapefest falls under the same license agreement for both personal and commercial use.

Can I edit these and sell them as my own?

No, of course not. Seriously? License agreements were made for people like you.

These all look matte. What about glossy plastic?

The 10,208 images included with the free pack are all matte plastic. But you can grab a glossy plastic variation as an expansion pack. Rumor has it, if you try to sneak out of here without it… you might be offered a nice discount before you check out ;)

The black shapes just look like a bunch of blobs

Try putting them on a black background ;)

What’s the deal with the expansion packs?

Creating free assets consumes more time and resources than you might think — and creating this giant free pack gave me a lot of ideas about what else might be useful. Since it’s virtually impossible to make time and allocate resources to pumping out nothing but free resources, I’m offering additional packs of beautiful 3D images at a steep discount to keep this project going. The more people buy expansion packs, the more expansion packs you can count on in the future.

Are there more shapes coming? Like icons perhaps?

If this little project works out, you can count on plenty more shapes coming soon. Please let me know if you have something in mind.

Can I use these in the UI kits that I make?

Absolutely! As long as these are used as design elements and not redistributed as a library or sub-library, you’re all good.

I need a custom 3D render. Can you help?

Contact me with details and I'll be happy to take a look. My biggest restriction these days is time.

Made with Love
by Joseph Angelo Todaro

Senior Product Designer at @InVisionApp, Professor of Design at @LCAD,
Founder of LearnSketch.com and Luthouse.com.