Expanded Shapes for Sketch

A library of 3D shapes at your fingertips, directly within Sketch.

Introducing a brand new, expanded set of 140 fresh 3D shapes in a beautifully organized Sketch library. This pack has been completely rebuilt to allow for you to apply any color to your shapes directly within Sketch. All at even higher res.









Color without limits.

Every shape has been rendered fresh just for Sketch. By rendering the base color, shadows, and highlights into 3 separate layers, a whole new workflow and level of quality has been unlocked. Shadows and highlights are dynamically applied on top of any color fill you choose. You can't go wrong even if you try.

Color Overrides

Quickly set the color of any shape instance using the Tint feature in Sketch.

Batch Recolor

Recolor your entire shape library with a click by updating their shared Layer Style.

3 Million pixels per shape
A massive increase in resolution from the Shapefest free packs

82 all new shapes for a total of 140
The 58 shapes you know and love plus 82 more

The perfect Sketch Library

Add the included Sketch file as a Sketch library to quickly and easily insert shapes into any project.

Easily switch between 4 rendered angles

Every shape has been rendered for 4 unique angles to give you flexibility and complete consistency.

Flip them for a total of 16 angles

By flipping each of the included renderings vertically or horizontally, you'll have 16 angles of each shape.

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Crafted with care
by Joseph Angelo Todaro

Design tutorial guy at @Sketch, Professor of Design at @LCAD,
Founder of LearnSketch.com and Luthouse.com.

Holler at me on Twitter @jatodaro